Are the ingredients really all natural? 

Yes! The ingredients are 100% all natural. Babes should only put the best into their bodies. This is why we only use the best! :)


IMPORTANT - How much CoffeeBabe do I use per cup?

We recommend to use a heaping tablespoon per 200 ml of water.
Since we all have different tastes, you should look at what works best for you.
But remember: The more you consume, the more caffeine you'll be taking in.


Does CoffeeBabe give you more abs? 

We don't promote fat blaster instant fix pills here. CoffeeBabe is not an instant fix when it comes to weight issues or more abs. HOWEVER, CoffeeBabe does get your body into a fat burning state the all natural way. Babes who have replaced their normal coffee with CoffeeBabe have noticed that their metabolism has become faster, they feel less hungry, and their cravings for food have gone down. Also, drinking "extra" cups of CoffeeBabe a day won't do "extra" work. We recommend 1-2 cups a day. 

When should I expect to receive my CoffeeBabe? 

We will ship your CoffeeBabe as soon as possible.
The standard delivery time is 3-4 days.


I LOVE iced coffee. Is it possible to prepare CoffeeBabe as an iced coffee? 

That's good, because we also all love iced coffee :)!

The answer to your question is yes! You can easily prepare CoffeeBabe as an iced coffee
and it will taste delicious. We recommend that you boil your cup with only half the water.
If you then add the ice cubes, you will dilute the coffee down to its normal thickness.
Then you can still add more ice cubes, and enjoy your iced coffee :)

Can guys drink CoffeeBabe?

Yes absolutely! We know plenty of babes who enjoy CoffeeBabe with their guys. 

What does CoffeeBabe do for you?

CoffeeBabe gets your body into a fat burning state all day long. It also helps you focus and increases mental stamina. There is no crash with CoffeeBabe due to the special blend of coffee and tea ingredients. More specifically, L-Theanine in the Matcha will assist the caffeine and give you a good clean energy burn.  

What countries does CoffeeBabe ship to?

CoffeeBabe currently ships throughout Europe. Should you wish to receive CoffeeBabe outside of Europe, please contact us via email for further information. 


How long does CoffeeBabe last? 

Unopened, CoffeeBabe can last up to 12 months. Once opened you should preferably consum CoffeeBabe in the next 30 days. Keeping CoffeeBabe sealed is the best way to keep your coffee fresh and ready for drinking. 

Can I drink CoffeeBabe when I'm pregnant?

Although CoffeeBabe is 100% natural, we recommend you ask your doctor how to proceed with caffeine consumption. Caffeine typically shouldn't be consumed when you're pregnant or while nursing.

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