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Coffee is for most of us the basis for a successful start of the day. Every day, we consume at least one cup, to prepare for the forthcoming efforts. Ufortunetaly coffee does not have a very long-lasting effect and therefore can not support us throughout the day. 
Would it not be better to consume a drink that leads us continuously and long lastingly through the day and also offers other advantages for our health? This is exactly what we thought and therefore developed CoffeeBabe! Of course, we love coffee. The ongoing discussions about its effect on our bodies, however, have caused confusion among us. Is it healthy or harmful?
This lack of clarity lead to the decision to bring a new and better product to market. A product that despite all its natural ingredients tastes like coffee, while also providing more benefits for our bodies.

Selfish or awesome?

We leave this decision to you. In reality it was not just about coffee - CoffeeBabe represents much more for us: It is a lifestyle. It is about our bodies, our minds, our health and the energy we need every day. It is time for you to become a babe and turn your body into a temple, your soul likes living in!


Made with love!

Hand roasted in our traditional coffee roasters - with care, sustainability and love...

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Unique, high quality, lovingly prepared. Coffee Babe consists of 6 magical ingredients of which one is a very special coffee.
The beans for our premium coffee come from Peru in South America, where coffee beans are grown for a versatile and finely-aromatic coffee.

The ecological origin and treatment make CoffeeBabe an organic product.

For the processing we chose a very special roasters. For over 50 years Hepa uses a patented process to completely remove the skin of the beans, which is responsible for the bitter substances. In addition a system is used that browns the beans evenly and gently. The handpicked and controlled beans are packaged by hand after the grinding process. During this stage the other 5 CoffeeBabe ingredients are added. 

The unique care and gentle processing make CoffeeBabe a delicious and healthy beverage whose flavor is both full-bodied and intensely aromatic.

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